Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote

pie carrier

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I went out for a gathering with his work. His boss brought an awesome peanut butter pie that was toted in an awesome pie carrier. I thought this was a nifty thing to have since sometimes it can be hard to carry your pie to a potluck.

pie toteYou will need to measure your pie carrier to see how much fabric you will need. My dish is a standard Pyrex pie pan, but you may need a little bit more fabric if you have a deep dish or a bulkier pan.

Finished Size 16″X16″


1. Wash and iron your fabrics

2. Cut an 18″X18″ square of each of the fabrics.

3. Cut two 3″X22″ strips that will be the handle

4. Cut pieces of quilt batting, one 18″ square, and one 3″X22″ strip

5. Lay square cotton pieces right sides together. Place quilt batting on top. Do the same for the strap.

6. Sew all sides together of the 2 pieces, leaving a big enough hole to turn fabric to right side out.

*Check to see if you need to trim cotton strap to size.

7. Sew holes closed. Press.

8. Sew a 1/4″ seam around the whole edge of the square and the strap.

9. Quilt the square piece as you desire, such as crazy stitching, grid, or X pattern.

10. Attach metal rings at 2 opposite diagonal corners by turning corner over ring and stitching down.

11. For the other diagonal corners, attach cotton strap, one strap edge to each corner.

12. To use, place pie under strap, centered on square. Fold the metal ring corners over the pie and over lap rings. Thread strap through the rings, which makes a loop handle.

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