Thanksgiving Potluck & The Gallery Hop

>With Thanksgiving around the corner, I knew it was time for the 5th annual UK Landscape Architecture Potluck. Brad organized it for three years when he was still here at UK, then he passed the tradition on to me. Of course this is my last year, so this year I had to teach someone else how to plan it for next year.

Planning a potluck like this is a lot of work! There are the tasks of cleaning the space, making signs, making announcements, setting up tables, chairs, and organizing it all. A 4th year student helped me this year so he could keep the tradition going for next year. It’s hard to coordinate a group of busy college students, but we had plenty of food…even though we had a lot of cheesy potatoes and macaroni and cheese. I wasn’t able to get a photo because I was so busy getting things ready! Even though it takes a lot work, and I always have to eat last because I have to make sure everything is okay, everyone had a good time and a good meal. I also made for the third year in a row my famous deviled eggs. I made 45 of them!

Later that evening was the gallery hop I had been anticipating. An art teacher who I had taken community classes with, Christine Kuhn, asked her past students to help her fill in an exhibit she wasn’t able to fill. Our exhibit was held at the Sishopromatem (Metamorphosis spelled backwards) Gallery. This gallery is a non-profit which helps underprivileged kids to learn art and have activities they can participate in.

As for the Gallery Hop, this was the last one of the year on November 19th. I contributed two photos and also the quilt I recently made. The quilt I didn’t put for sale, but the photos I priced. If they sell, then part of the profit is donated to the gallery.

The Hop was fun and a lot of people showed up to the gallery. I met a few other students who had taken classes with Christine. One of them worked with Brad at Parks & Recreation! There was also entertainment and food (I took my Pull Apart Bread! See the post before this!) My mom and her friend came by which was fun. No one else I knew showed up and I was kind of disappointed. Several people from school said they were coming, but they forgot about it. The photos will be displayed at the gallery for another month.

My photos are the middle left and right. Josie the orange tabby on the left, and Silas the Beagle on the right. A few other student’s works on this same wall.

A guy sung some bluegrass and classic rock tunes for most of the night. Some of the other student’s paintings on the wall.

At first, my quilt wasn’t going to be displayed, but I asked my art teacher if we could hang it on this blank wall in the back.

It was really exciting to having something displayed in such a large local event. I wished more people I knew had shown up. It was embarrassing standing around by myself for an hour. I just ate food.


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