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Tomato Tart

>Another cooking night between Boo and I. Tonight I made the tomato tart again. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as the one I made before, but how can I compare to a real garden tomato and fresh mozzarella? Tonight I had a special variety of tomato, but it just wasn’t like the garden tomato. I also recommend using chunks of cheese or shred your own. I’ve found that pre-shredded cheese of any kind really looses a lot of its taste because it dries out. However, it was still good and the mustard really adds the flavor to this dish.

Mine didn’t exactly look like this. All I would need is a tart pan and fresh basil though!

After the tomato tart, I wanted some dessert. So I decided to make a single serve fruit cobbler that I’ve made a few times before. I kind of just made this up. I basically put whatever fruit I want in the bottom of a baking dish. Frozen fruits work well for some reason, I think it’s because of the water content. Then I add a spoonful of sugar on top and let them sit while I’m making the crust. You can make any amount you like for the crust, just remember the 1,1,1 rule, give or take. 1 tbs melted butter, 1 heaping spoonful of flour, and 1 spoonful of sugar. I usually use 3 to go over a small ramekin dish. Then just bake at 350 until bubbly and brown, about 30/40 minutes. It’s usually best to bake it while cooking something else since it takes so long.

Earlier this week I sent out Brad’s Valentine’s present. I hope he likes it!

 I also spent some time taking some photos on manual settings. I like these type of shots where the car lights are shown like this, but the road is too well lit and the effect doesn’t work as well. Just experimenting!

Brad made a totally different type of tart. It seems like it turned out well from what he says! He decided to make a blueberry cobbler after he saw my peach raspberry one!


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