A Spring Weekend

>This weekend was super exciting and I think me, my mom and Brad all had a great time. This past weekend had been planned for a long time. It started last year when the Balloon Glow was canceled due to wind. The Balloon Glow is an event put on by the Student Activities Board at the University of Kentucky. It is part of the Little Kentucky Derby week long series of events that are part of the celebration for the Kentucky Derby held the first weekend of May. The Balloon Glow is one evening where there are games, food, music, and a hot air balloon race, which happens right across from my apartment! Brad said he would come down the next year to go to it with me, however, it was canceled again! I have wanted to go to it for 7 years, but every year I’ve had to play in a concert, didn’t have anyone to go with, and now the past two years, the weather. Hopefully someday…

But besides the balloon glow, there were a lot of others things that popped up that made the weekend still exciting and took my mind off missing the balloon glow. I am glad Brad could make it down during this busy time at the end of the school year and enjoy some warmer weather even though it has rained tons lately!

KYASLA (Kentucky Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects) Banquet in Louisville
St Vincent’s Thrift Store
Masala Indian Fine Dining
Cosmic bowling with friends at Southland Bowling Lanes
Darts at Marikkas

Today began with a drive to Louisville to attend a banquet for the KYASLA. Several of us in my studio entered a design competition with projects we have done in our previous studios. The awards were also open to professional firms, so we got to meet some professionals. We also saw many people that had been our adjunct professors and employers. After the banquet, Brad, my mom, and me went by the St. Vincent thrift store. We love that place! I found some neat cowgirl shoes. The board I put together for the show is on the left. It will be touring to the Lexington, Louisville gallery hops this summer, and a convention in Covington, KY.

Once we made it back to Lexington, we went to an Indian restaurant and had some paneer. It was really good and we decided we want to try to cook some Indian cuisine. Afterwards, we meet two friends Jenna and Stoss for bowling and then a game of darts. We all had a lot of fun and hadn’t seen everyone in a long time!

UKLA (University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture) Banquet
Record Store Day at CD Central
Mandarin sushi

Saturday morning began with another banquet, except this time it was the end of the year banquet put on by my landscape architecture program. Afterward, my mom, Brad and I went to Record Store Day at CD Central. They have the event every year at this time around the nation. CD Central always has discounts and a grill out. This year was more exciting because they had bands play all day, they had many limited record store day releases, and My Morning Jacket was going to be there to sign our media! It was pretty incredible to have the opportunity and we were thrilled that we had the chance. My mom and I bought their record store day single of their new album, Circuital, which releases on May 31st. While we were waiting we had a chance to hear a local musician, Matt Duncan. Listen here as long as it’s available on youtube. He’s pretty good too! Afterwards, Brad and I headed to probably our favorite restaurant in Lexington, Mandarin, and got some sushi!

Keeneland Horse Race Track
El Toro for fish tacos
My Morning Jacket at Memorial Coliseum

Today seemed like it was going to be a bit more relaxed, but was still super busy! Brad and I headed out to Keeneland for the horse races, which last only a couple of weeks once in the spring and fall. It was a nice day, still a bit cold, but better than Friday, since it rained all day, and Saturday was still pretty chilly. Later on, his friends Jenna and Stoss met us for a couple of races. We didn’t have very good luck today. I won one race and that was all of our winnings. After Keeneland Brad and I went to El Toro for some fish tacos. We then met my mom and headed down to Memorial Coliseum for the My Morning Jacketconcert! This was another event hosted by the University of Kentucky Student Activities Board. This was a huge gig to bring to UK students, who were allowed to buy them before the public. I was able to snatch up general floor tickets. We were literally 5′ from the stage! It was a really awesome time and it rocked out.

Ben Sollee opened for the show. He’s worked a lot with Jim James on their I Love Mountains tour that showcased the Dear Companion CD. I went to high school with him!

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