Earth Day & Tie Dye

Every year on Earth Day, there is a festival on campus and a month long series of events sponsored by UK Sustainability. They have events like movies, lectures, clean up days, and the festival. For the past 4 years I’ve gone every year and tie dyed shirts! They also have booths set up with information about things pertaining to Earth Day like making seed bombs, which is part of the Guerrilla Gardening movement. This year they had some live music and free food with the event.  This year I got to tie dye two shirts, because my mom came with me. So I made one for Brad and one for me. Here is how they turned out!

I let the shirts sit for a week in a plastic bag while still tied so the dye would really set it. Then I rinsed them under cold water until the water pretty much ran clear. Then I washed them twice in a hot/cold setting. (First separately, then together so the dye wouldn’t mix).

Speaking about our Earth, we’ve had some pretty strong storms that have rolled through here. They are quite different than normal storms. We’ve been having 2 or 3 a day, and they don’t really occur with fronts, so the storms are pretty random and unpredictable. Thankfully we haven’t had anything too serious, but it has been pretty wild, a lot of lightening, wind, and funnel clouds. Here are some from last night as they rolled in. It looks like it has calmed for now, but we had these series of storms for several days last week and into this week.


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