Lexington Farmer’s Market & Mayfest

On Saturday, the day before graduation, Brad and I went downtown to the Lexington Farmer’s Market and the Mayfest Arts Fair in Gratz Park. There are three locations for the Farmer’s Market on different days throughout the week, but the one in Cheapside Park is the largest. I often go to the one on Southland Drive since it’s close, but I wanted to see what was the one downtown was like. There seemed to be more of a diversity in produce and handmade eats. While we were there, we picked up some green onion, a tomato, and some herbed cheese bread for our breakfast strata. It was fun spending time downtown and seeing all the foods, I think I’ll go back down there some more during the summer.

The historic original courthouse in the background

You can pedal the bike and blend your own smoothie!

The newly built structure adds a pavilion like space to Cheapside Park

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed over a few blocks to the Mayfest. It’s similar to the Woodland Arts Fair in August, but is a bit smaller and cooler! It was a nice day because it was nice and cool. We walked around looking at everything the artists had created. Then we sat down for a while and watched a flute ensemble, and a belly dancing troop from Mecca dance studio. I took lessons with them a few years ago, and even danced at the Woodland Arts Fair! After the fair, we headed down to Third Street Stuff, part store and part cafe, for a smoked salmon bagel.

Petting Zoo


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