ZUZU & Zoo

One of the days I was looking forward to was a ZuZu and Zoo Day with Brad on his full day off. In the afternoon we headed to the  Zuzu Cafe that serves pretty good fresh food. Brad and I split a grilled basil/mozzarella/tomato grilled panini with a side of salad. I always love the homemade dressings these places serve. Inspires me to make my own salad dressings from now on! After the cafe, we walked across the street to the Henry Vilas Zoo. It’s a pretty nice zoo that is free to the public. They have quite a lot of animals and they are currently expanding a few parts. There was even the ‘Children’s Zoo’ play area, which I thought was the real zoo! As much as I don’t like seeing animals taken out of their habitat and put into small areas, I hope that people visiting the zoo become educated on wildlife preservation and learn to respect the earth. I think my favorite area was the bird conservatory because it was full of botanical plants and the birds could fly wherever they wanted to.

I was very excited to take a trip to the zoo again.  Madison’s Henry Vilas Zoo is probably one of the best zoos I have been to and it is FREE!  I always enjoy a good trip to the zoo and the weather was some of the most beautiful for the whole week.  I had been to the zoo here before, but had never really taken my camera.  It was really the first test of my new camera lens that I bought earlier this year in time for a massive snow storm.  I have always been aggrevated at zoos because the standard 18 – 55mm lens doesn’t quite have the zoom power needed to get great shots of animals.  This new AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor 55 – 200mm f/4-5.6g IF-ED worked perfectly!  Below are some of the images shot with my Nikon D40 and this lens… Enjoy!


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