MidSummer Garage Sale

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Last weekend I held the garage sale of all garage sales. It didn’t all come from my apartment…but a good portion of it. The sale had been in the works for a couple of months, everything piling up in my kitchen almost making it unusable. I was getting pretty tired of it all and super ready for the sale. On Thursday of last week,  I gathered up several car loads to bring to my apartment to sell. After that, we all headed to the ‘new’ Tolly Ho to get some cheese fries and a chocolate malt shake. This is the only way I will eat that type of cheese (if you can call it that). We wanted to check out the new building the Ho moved to recently (an old dry cleaning place). It was surprisingly not that different! They brought all their decor and while the place felt cleaner, it still pretty much had the same feel. (We suppose they even brought their grease with them). I’m sure it will break in fast with all the college kids that come to this place.

The next morning had a wake up call at 6am. About 6:15 we headed out to put signs up, then to start setting up. People were already coming before 7am. Friday was definitely the busy day and I was super happy that I sold the extra-large and heavy television, two bookshelves, and lots of smaller things. Saturday we gathered up even more stuff to put in the sale. Saturday didn’t bring as many people though.

No one wanted the gem of a couch Brad is sitting on in the photo. (The sign says free). Not even for free. Not even for free on the curb. That was a great experience getting down the stairs…

All in all it was a great sale. Compared to what there was in the beginning, there isn’t a lot left. And not too much that I wouldn’t just donate (to the Anderson County Humane Society sale at Thanksgiving!). I’m really glad that Brad and my mom could help out. Brad did well selling some things he had too. I couldn’t have handled all that on my own! I was pretty worn out from the sale.


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