Things I’ve Learned in my First Apartment

In a few days I will be moving out of my first apartment that I’ve been in for two years. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

#1. Don’t Live Upstairs unless you have a good view. This reason is because of moving day. Unless you don’t have much, stay close to ground level. It’s easier to move things staying on one level and doesn’t wear you out nearly as much. When you do move, it’s good to move over a period of time, little at a time. However, there are some perks living a level up, I have more privacy and it’s fun to look down on the neighborhood and people watch. It’s also fun seeing the sky on stormy days, watching the sunsets, or even fireworks!

#2. Don’t Live Downstairs. I live on the 2nd of 3 floors, which means I get to hear people below and above me. The lady above me is little, but sounds like she’s a 300 pound man. She also likes to slam hangers, shoes, and other heavy things on her floor. It’s really great when she’s rushing around crazy about to leave for the day, or decides to straighten up at 9pm-midnight.

#3. Tape Keeps the Squirrels Out. When I moved in, I noticed these 2 squirrels that also lived here as well. At first, I thought my upstairs neighbor had a really weird cat. Then, I realized the squirrels somehow lived inside the building, somewhere in between my floor and the one upstairs! I hear chewing, barking, and all kinds of ruffles all over my apartment in the ceilings. They’ve even managed to get inside my apartment, twice by chewing through the screen and into my kitchen. They even broke my vintage mug. Shame on them!

#4. Disposable Furniture. Nearly everything in my apartment was given, borrowed, or gotten cheaply second hand. While it isn’t the way I’d want to live forever, when you’re in your first apartment and know you’re going to be moving every year or so, it’s nice to have a garage sale or donate it.

Such as the famous couch. There was still glitter in it from Brad’s Halloween Party. This couch moved from Brad’s place, to his summer place, and then to my place, one street over from where it started!

#5. Designated Parking. I’m greatful that my apartment came with a designated parking lot. While sometimes, the lot has been crowded, I know I’ll always have a spot. Even if all the spots were taken, it would be easy to find street parking. This has been great, especially in stormy weather or when I have things to carry to and from the car. I also know my guests will have a good chance of being able to park.

#6. Washing Machine. It’s also been great having my own washing machine and dryer, especially being on an upper level. It’s something I’ll definitely look for in my next apartment.

#7. I Have to Have a Pet. I’ve gotten pretty lonely and bored in my apartment. We’re not allowed to have a dog. I think we were allowed to have cats, but it costs a lot to have one. Plus, not being able to go outside, even a little bit, is hard for a cat (and me!!). I hope the next place I live, I can bring my cat with me. The squirrels don’t count as pets.

#8. Keep Clean. I’ve a very clean person. While I’m pretty organized, my apartment does get cluttered. However, I know that keeping it clean means I won’t have to deal with the manager not wanting to give the deposit back. Taking care of something right away also helps (like a mark made on the wall). Let’s hope that’s the way it is, anyhow.

#9. Apartments, like houses, can be frustrating. There has been plenty of that while living here. Like having 1 crappy key that doesn’t even work right, the squirrels, noisy neighbors, all the lights gone out in the stairwell, dryer wouldn’t work, flash flooding in the kitchen, no response from manager about a problem, weedy garden, fallen off shutters, mowers leaving cut grass all over my car, UK football games, and more. Having someone who responds quickly about problems like some of these is great, however the manager here hasn’t been on top of it all. While it hasn’t been anything too traumatic, it’s nice if the manager of the place regularly has someone check up on things, like replacing stairwell lights, so I don’t have to call about it. Apartments aren’t always ‘maintenance free’ for the renter.

#10. Location Means A Lot. It has been nice living in a location where I could walk to class. I am also close to my mom and to a shopping district that I’ve always enjoyed going to. While it hasn’t been the most convenient getting to some places from my apartment, it was nice while I was in school. In my next place, I would like to live in a district that was nearer to the grocery/eateries.

#11. Outdoor Space. I think another reason I’ve gotten bored in my apartment is because there is no where really to sit outside. A walk around the neighborhood is about as outside as I can get while still being home. Outdoor spaces are also great if you have people over, want to get a fire going, grill, set some vegetables out in a pot, or play cornhole or other games like that. I need outdoor living!

#12. Here’s A Moving Tip…

As you begin to pack and clear out drawers and shelves, leave sticky notes when you’re 100% done with that area. Remove everything, clean it, and write the note. That way, as you’re contemplating what all you have left to do, you’ll know that those are already done. When you’ve packed everything and are ready to go, look in them one last time (to make sure no one stuck anything in there) and remove the note.


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