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Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

Dog Car Seat Cover Graphic

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town. Dog park, visiting friends, and agility training classes left the back of my car a hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I also wanted my dog to be comfortable on the ride and to be safer. I then began searching for car seat covers. Many of them, costing upwards for $100, got pretty bad reviews. I figured I could make one myself for a lot less. Depending on the cost of the materials you find, you can make this car seat cover for $30 or less. The hammock style will help prevent your dog falling into the floor if there is a sudden stop. It may also help keep them in the back of the car! I’m always thrilled to see your finished car seat cover! Feel free to send me photos of your work!

The instant downloadable PDF digital pattern is 6 pages with color photos and step by step instructions.

 Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs $10Car Seat Hammock For Dogs Pattern

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A few photos of other’s dog car covers who purchased this pattern tutorial!

Purchase this pattern, send me a photo, and I will post and I will post a link to your blog or website with the photo!




155 thoughts on “Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

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  39. Carry your dog pets for a long tour with no hesitation. Protect your car seat with pet car seat covers. The top NOTCH HAMMOCK DESIGN is effective in preventing pets from being thrown forward or falling to the floor in an emergency braking situation if you choose to use it that way, or it can just be left to hang, covering the bottom of the back seat and floor.

    • I would love to have one of these for my dog but I don’t sew or even have a sewing machine. Do you sell these already made? Or would you be willing to make one and sell it to me and how much would you charge?

      • Hello Karen, I would love to make these and sell them. After materials and time, I would have to charge $100 which would include shipping.

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  52. I really like this idea and am thinking about making one. My Cavvies shed like crazy. For the folks who were asking about dogs who get car sick, I was thinking that if you make this cover in a way that could incorporate throw-away (or wash later) pieces of terry cloth, you could just pull out and replace the messy part. Could be attached with safety pins or carabiners or with by cutting little strips at the end of the cloth and tying them to the more permanent part of the cover. Maybe the underneath layer could be an old shower curtain so nothing soaks through to the upholstery.

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  56. Thanks! I’m crafty, and can’t believe I haven’t thought of this! Great idea…. Making it tomorrow! I’ve made seat covers out of beach towels, fleece dog coats, dog beds.. But still have to vacuum all of the dog hair from the back seat….until now. Thanks again… 🙂

  57. We got one from Orvis, years ago. I modified it with some added fabric so I could thread a 3/4″pvc pipe along the forward edge, so it doesn’t droop between the seats. One along the back headrests might be nice, too. I may make a new one with these plans. Wider, so it covers the seat better. I’d like to figure a way of filling the floor space, between the seat rows. Our Goldens are too heavy to step in there. I can move the seat fwd, but there’s still a gap. When we travel, I put carry-on luggage in the gap. Thanks for the plans!

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  60. Made this today & my chocolate furry baby is going to love it! It did take most of the day but I had lots of seeing machine issues & also put in Velcro seatbelt cut outs. Otherwise, love it! Thank you!

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  64. I just finished making mine! Turned out really great! I don’t have head rests for the back seat so I used the latch system for the car seats! You need a bit more than 3 yards of the cotton strapping, but it was well worth it! Turned out really great and my dog loves the softness the fleece offers! (that and i used to use a slick sleeping bag!) Thanks!

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  66. I love this! I’m going to have to make one for our back seat before our two day drive back home.
    But our dog does tend to get car sick. What’s a good fabric that will keep him comfortable that long while cleaning easy if needed? I want to be able to just wipe it if needed, instead of laundering it half way there.

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  68. This is a really nice idea. We just recently got a puppy so the car seats aren’t full of hairs yet. Better prepare one of these so that it remains that way. Thank you for such a great idea!

  69. I just made one, but instead of fleece I sewed two big bath towels together. I had to use a little more of my canvas material to create the front part of the hammock because the towels weren’t quite long enough but I am hoping that the towels will be more absorbent for her wet muddy paws. Thanks for the tutorial! It’s a great project.

  70. Im thinking of making this for my sisters husband as a gift, one of his dogs gets car sick (was thinking to use something that wipes clean easy) and I was wondering if anyone would have the measurements id need for a 2009ish Jeep wrangler? I think most of the more recent years are almost the same. Would elastic loops work instead of the buckles? I think itd be easier to put in and out. Thanks!

  71. I am going to do this for our new truck before it looks like a giant hairball!!! I am going to adapt it a little to add on side flaps to protect the doors too – thinking I will sew 2 flaps attatched to the sides that will velcro around the edges. That way I can unvelcro it to let the pooches up & in then secure it.

  72. Great tutorial! I made mine with pre-quilted fabric on one side and fleece (brown fleece with cream colored doggie paw prints from JoAnn’s) on the other. I did my measurements (60 x 60) and then put right sides together, sewed around (leaving an opening to turn it). Turned it right side out, pressed all around and topstitched all around. Then I put the straps on in the appropriate places. I topstitched those straps on because I thought it would hold better. My puppy is 50 pounds (giant Malamute) and she is only 6 months old. I am hoping it holds her. She is good about sitting in the backseat though, I just don’t want her to fly to the floor when I stop. Thanks for a great tutorial!!

  73. What kind of car do you have? It kinda looks like mine so I could just use your measurements. I cannot wait to make one for my doggies! Thanks!

  74. Just got back from Joann’s and Walmart where I was getting the things to make this. I was shocked at how much duck canvas cost (10.99 yd) and the fleece (12.99 yd). Luckily they had the fleece at half off and I had a coupon for 50% off the canvas. Fabric, buckles, and straps in all I paid just about $35. Still MUCH better than the $60 one I was looking at getting at Petsmart.

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  76. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial that will prove very useful. Your photos are clear and your instructions are so easy to follow.

    Your dog’s lovely too!

    • I believe so. The hammock style still lies over the seat, so it doesn’t seem like there would be a lot of the dog’s weight tugging on it. Just make sure to double/triple the seams on the straps and you should be good to go! It should still prevent him from hurting himself if there was a sudden stop in the car.

  77. Hi! Thanks for this great tutorial! I just made one for my car and used your directions to do so. I, however, am living on a really tight budget, and I was a little thrown off by the cost of fleece! I couldn’t find it for less than $10/yd, so I went to Salvation Army and bought a king-sized flannel sheet and used that instead! It saved me about $20! Thanks again for the idea! My pup will appreciate not falling on the floor during those quick stops!

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  80. This is a nice tutorial! Wish i had seen it when I designed mine, although it turned out fine. I used a shower curtain for one side, and some heavy knit fabric for the other. I thought I would keep the shower curtain side up, but it turns out that the knit fabric cleans the mud off her paws and holds onto it, unlike the shower curtain. So, it ends up being used with the ugly green knit side up all the time LOL. I originally made it with buckles as you did, but ended up replacing the straps with covered elastic. It makes it a breeze to put on and take off, since I wash it a lot, and if we have passengers, of course, I remove it so they can sit in the back like people LOL. The other thing I did a bit differently was to add a big pocket that you can fold the seat cover up and tuck it into the pocket for storage- like a quillow. A strap with velcro holds it shut. The pocket is very handy when the cover is on the car, it ends up along the front side in the area between the front seats and I can put her leash, water bottle, etc in it.

  81. I don’t really have time to sew much anymore, so thought about using a blanket and then attaching the straps. I bought one that only covers the seat, but I LOVE the idea of my Daisy not coming into the front seat where there is no hair protection!!

    • We have a car with no headrest in the back seat but the back seats lay down, so we buckle the straps around the corner of the seats and close them. The front seats have headrest so thats the same there.

    • I would still make it the same size since it covers the whole backseat area. You could possibly make it shorter, still having the hammock style, if you found another way to attach them to the back of the front seats.

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  84. I just got done with mine. It took me a whole day! (I just learned how to sew 5 days ago.) I used fleece and vinyl. It turned out great. Thanks for the step-by-step, it really helped!

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    • Thank you for asking!!! I haven’t thought about it… I’m unsure what I would need to charge to make one and I’m not sure what one thinks of its value. I’m thinking considering supplies and the time to make, around $90.

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    • I got my buckles from Hancock Fabrics. I think you can find them at fabric stores, and maybe some craft stores too. However, one of mine broke! It won’t come apart anymore and got stuck. The brand I got was Dritz, so maybe some heavy duty buckles would last better. You could probably find hot pink online.

  89. This is such a great idea, I can’t wait to get started. I’ve always wanted a seat cover but never willing to fork over the money, your photos convinced me I can handle this project! Thanks for the inspiration, your dog is ADORABLE!😀

  90. I just finished making this for my son and daughter-in-law. They have two very active small dogs so I made it with duck canvas to make it a little stiffer and stronger. What a fun project. I plan on making more with a few minor adjustments. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  91. I’m trying to think of a way to make this so that I can fold it in half if I need to and still have it be fleecy on the top. Do you think I could sew in two pieces of fleece with a slit down the middle? That way I can kind of tuck the other half in that pocket?

    • You could either just make both sides fleece, or make 1/2 of the back fleece. The only other way I can think is like what you said. Attach a piece of fleece on the back that’s like a flap and roll it up when you’re not using it or make a pocket for it. Great question!

  92. I saw this on pinterest and was so excited my doggie sheds a lot so I didn’t want all that hair on the seat thank you thank you for the great tutorial🙂 I made only half for one side of the back seat since my daughter uses the other lol

  93. Thanks for the great tutorial! I’ve acquired my supplies and will be making a car hammock soon! I got the twill, strapping, and 3 buckets at Hancock for $18 (hooray for teacher discount and sales!) and the fleece at Joann for $11 (again, teacher discount and sales), and one buckle at Hobby Lobby for $3 (Hancock only had 3 left). I’m looking forward to making this project🙂

  94. My dog is a giant spaz when it comes to travel, so I’m trying this out with two old beach towels and tying them on instead of the buckles. If it helps him travel, hallelujah and I’ll make a pretty one like yours. Thanks for a great idea!

  95. where did you buy your supplies, can’t find cute wide enough fabrics or cute colored buckles. can’t figure out where to find the straps either :l

    • I got my supplies at Hancock Fabrics, which is a store we have here. They sell things online too. All fleece will be 54″ wide which is sold pretty much anywhere they sell general fabrics, like Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby. Some people have even been using shower curtains. The buckles are made by Dritz.

  96. I put the seat belt on one of my dogs the other day and she looked at me like “REALLY”
    This is going to be a great idea as I have 3 lovely k-9’s and at one time or another wants to get up on the console between the seats and try and drive for me. This will also cut down on the dog hair on the floor.

  97. Great idea! I have seen these being sold for A LOT of money…never thought of making one myself. Thanks for the tutorial… I will be making one for Brownie my boxer!🙂

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  99. Hey I just want to let you know that I used your tutorial for a car seat cover for myself. I love it and have been complimented on it. I also Pinned it and passed it along to my neighbor who is going to make one for her Brut. Keep up the good work. -Sarah

  100. I think I will try this, but will use an old shower curtain as the waterproof back. Very cheap then to make. could even pick up an old shower curtain at a second hand store for next to nothing.

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  103. Love this! Thanks so much for the tutorial! Now hopefully I can get one made before my dog has puppies (it would be handy for puppy vet trips). lol

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  106. I made a dog car seat cover for my car too, using a 5 yard piece of fabric I bought for $1 at a garage sale. I pieced the batting and backing from my trimmed bits, and then bought a plastic covered tablecloth on sale for $3 and put it in the quilt sandwich. Quilted it on my long arm — it was a little different sounding to quilt when the needle punched through the plastic tablecloth, but worked fine. Bound it with left over binding from my stash. Voila, waterproof car set cover for the dogs, when they have been wading in the ponds and puddles and running through the wet fields on our walks. Total cost, $4. I didn’t put ties on it, though considered it — would have used the extra binding for the ties. It’s big enough to tuck in securely at the seat back, the sides, and the front of the seat.

  107. You could also use this design to make covers for under a childs car seat.. Of course you would want to use different fabric and some sort of plastic or vinyl in between the layers for fabric but it would work..

  108. Hello!– I’m trying to reach you to request permission to feature your tutorial with one image in our Handmade Holidays series, but I can’t find your contact info on the blog. Could you email me for details? Thanks so much!

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