Meditating the Sub-Conscious: Getting to Awareness & Beauty

If you want to know your true self, notice how you feel and listen as you look at something beautiful in nature. 

(look at that bokeh!)

Your true self is often covered up by your sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is that part of the brain that works on habit, patterns you have over time developed. Most of our sub-conscious is composed of these downloaded things we were told by others (good and bad) until about age 8, including that time before we were even born. This is because when we are this age, our brain is in the theta brainwave state, a lower frequency of functioning. This is why kids are so creative, they are not bound by reality (yet). It is not until we get a little older that our brains begin functioning in the alpha brainwave state and we become conscious adults. However, our sub-conscious still works in the background and dictates much of our behavior whether we know it or not. It is not until we become aware of our sub-conscious that we can do something about it. Know how you can zone out while you’re driving and ‘wake up’ and wonder how you didn’t wreck since you weren’t paying attention? It was your sub-conscious driving while your conscious was talking to someone else or involved in a thought. Driving is one of those habit. But we also have habits of thought or behavior.

So if our adult conscious brains work in the alpha state, how do we re-wire our brains to mend those faulty thinking patterns? The trick is to bring the brain back down to the theta brainwave state. Our brains reach closer to this state when we just wake up, are very relaxed, or about to fall asleep. We can induce this brainwave state through meditation and other practices like hypnosis, deep breathing, and visualization. But first, one must recognize what the faulty thinking patterns are and become aware. Then one can begin to incorporate positive affirmation with meditation or another relaxing practices to really deliver these messages to the sub-conscious. We can read books to make us better, try hard to quit smoking or over eating, but if we don’t deliver the most meaningful messages to our sub-conscious, we often forget or it becomes frustrating. It is also powerful to turn the messages you want into positive ones. Instead of “I’ll quit drinking”, it’s better to think, “I want to put healthy liquids into my body” since our minds register positive sayings better than negative ones.

Beginning meditation can be frustrating. At first we may have these expectations that we’re going to feel this huge divine thing (until you’re good at it!). It’s not really like that. It’s really just sitting quietly and letting whatever thoughts you have go by. Just let ‘um go! Once you realize that you’re really got caught up inside your chatter, just realize it, and bring in calmness again and think about your breath. I find it funny to think about breathing ‘ in through the left nostril, then exhale through the right, inhale through the right, exhale through the left’ (even though you really can’t do that). It allows you to focus on something. Self-hypnosis is similar, but you incorporate positive affirmation into it. You do have to be diligent about this whole thing, since it can take 30-90 days just to change something in your sub-conscious.

You are the c0-creator of your life. Simply putting faith in something and doing nothing about it is like dropping the ball and hoping it makes it into the basket. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Some links to get started:

Positive Affirmations for Stress Relief: http://stress.about.com/od/optimismspirituality/a/freeaffirmation.htm

Relaxation Techniques: http://stress.about.com/od/tensiontamers/a/relaxation.htm

Inside Out Radio: Biology on Belief (talk show recording) http://insideoutradio.com/2011/12/the-biology-of-belief-2/


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