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Kuranda Dog Beds

This is not an advertisement for Kuranda, but it is an advertisement……


The photo with the highest votes will win 5 dog beds for a dog shelter of their choice. I chose the Willow Creek Sanctuary in Danville, Kentucky.

You can vote once every 24 hours if you’re up for it!

You can VOTE through Facebook, so no need to sign up for an account!

A couple months ago my mom and I bought Kuranda Dog Beds for our dogs. The reason we got them is because they’re durable, chew-proof, easy to clean, look nice, and provide a nice hammock style bed for your dog. They also sell them for cats (even tiered ones!). Many shelters like these beds to be donated because they are chew proof and easy to clean.

Vote for Roxie’s photo!

They are quite easy to put together and it only took about 10 minutes each.

I like the fabric on mine, but it does sink lower when Roxie gets on it, than the vinyl does.

It took her a minute to get on the bed because it’s different, but I put a blanket on top and now she loves it.

The beds are light and would be easy to transport.

We both ordered the Large beds with a walnut colored frame. My mom got the 40 oz vinyl (blue) and I got the ballistic (khaki).

The large size is perfect for them and really even a smaller dog could fit on there with her.

The extra large size has longer feet so it’s higher off the ground. I’m glad I stuck with the large size.


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