Yin/Yang: Feminine & Masculine Energy

For the past several months I have been studying energy. There is energy within everything, since everything vibrates and everything is made of atoms. The Chinese have described energy as being masculine or feminine. We also see other cultures labeling things as masculine or feminine through language (like La=feminine in Spanish El=masculine). This energy even plays out in Feng Shui. You want a balance of hard and soft surfaces within your home (even if you’re minimalist).

Yin Yang simply expresses the duality in nature. Light/Dark, Hot/Cold, Negative/Positive. There is also everything in between like dawn and dusk, lukewarm and chilled. Like gets paired with like in these instances. This can be tested within human relationships as well. We typically think of pairs like the cheerleader and the jock will date,or maybe sometimes the football player and the band geek. Sometimes seemingly opposites will attract too (like in Breakfast Club).

Yin is the dark part of the symbol, the feminine. It is said the symbol works like sunlight passing over a mountain and valley. The Yang’s light will pass over the mountain and valley making what was obscure revealed and what had been revealed, obscure. The symbol also of course follows a spiral, which is associated with the Fibonacci Sequence pattern, meaning balance and harmony.

Yin is associated with slow, cold, wet, soft, passive, yielding, and Yang with fast, hot, dry, hard, aggressive, and force.

For the balance to work, each must be opposites on the scale. If an energy is very masculine (10), then it’s matching energy will be very feminine (10).

Things naturally occur in balance.

This is why some leading business women say they kept attracting more feminine men, because maybe she has lost some of her femininity in this modern world and gained more masculine ones. Societal pressures can also make a man more feminine for instance if he was harassed by other males into making him feel inferior.

The woman’s roll in the work place today, she often has to come off very powerful and sometimes even aggressive if she wants to be treated with respect from others. Being part of a landscape architecture studio dominated by males, I often felt this way. Even if we play this roll at work, we must learn to leave this roll at work as women. Feminine energy is assertive, which is even more powerful than aggression.

If we keep attracting what we do not want in our lives, we have to look at our energy. The feminine roll is to receive and the masculine roll is to give. It cannot happen any other way, unless it’s a mother roll being fulfilled. Feminine energy is nurturing and reassuring.

It seems in the modern world that the feminine energy is seen as weak and undesirable, but true feminine energy is a very powerful force. Feminine energy is aware, all knowing, and confident. It is calm and is sure of what it wants. It’s honest, it seeks the truth and is okay with whatever answer because it’s secure. It is not dumb, weak, bitchy, or chaotic. Fake feminine energy is terrible. Fake feminine energy is crying and screaming for attention, or trying to get something from men while manipulating. We all have met some of those women. We’ve even met some men like that too.

Feminine energy doesn’t necessarily mean makeup or lots of clothes either. It goes deeper than that, even though dressing up may help us to feel more feminine.

Treat yourself. Don’t deprive yourself. Buy some Dove chocolate every so often. Put some flowers on the table. Go for the jasmine body oil. Do what makes you happy. Just as I feel a little out there writing this post but I wanted to do it, and that’s all that matters.

It’s OK to tap into that feminine energy. It is naturally born within us and if we avoid it, then we are repressing a part of us. Surround yourself with other women’s energy and become more aware of its power.

So ladies, next time any man offers to do something for you, like open a door, let him do it. It may be awkward at first, but just smile and say thank you. Don’t even say, “Oh I can do it”. Don’t lay a finger on that door (unless you really dislike him). If he does a half ass job opening the door and it falls on you, then allow him to feel inadequate. No man wants to feel inadequate.  Opening the door will allow him to feel his masculine energy and allow this balance of energy play out. A man wants to give, he wants to do things for you, and if he isn’t allowed to do that, he won’t be happy. A man wants to give in order to make you happy.

So dive into your femininity ladies and attract more (true) masculine energy.

I’ve heard this book, Women Who Run With The Wolves is great to tap into that female energy.


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