Working & Money: How Much Is That?

I was in the fabric store the other day, where I once worked, waiting to ask an associate a question. I was remembering that when I worked there, I made minimum wage which was $5.25 an hour. I then looked over at a shelf and saw a lent roller for sale. It was $6.99. I thought, “I would have had to work an hour and a half just to buy a lent roller!!”

Then I got to thinking, that if we instead thought of the cost of things as in the number of hours we worked, then we might be pickier about what we buy. It also made me realize how ridiculously expensive things are, like lent rollers. So I went through some ads, a converted their cost into working hours, at $9 an hour (not including yearly taxes, or sales tax). That’s a little more than minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 an hour.

I did this to get people thinking in a different way about what they spend their money on. Things really add up. The hours we spend working are precious, as in, we could be doing a lot of other fun things instead of working. So the cost of things really adds up. I think it’s important to think about how frugal we can get while still living comfortably. This means only buying things that are necessary, things that we LOVE, buying experiences, and things which bring happiness (like lunch with friends). We can also buy things when they’re on sale, go with less, make our own things, buy second hand, borrow things from others, find free things to do (and saving $ for big moments), and buying quality items that are going to last a long time.

If I’m going to go buy a vacuum, and I had to work nearly 2 days to buy it, that thing better last for a really long time. I mean years.


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