The moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle

Clicking. You know the great feeling of when something clicks? You’ve known the answer all along, but the pieces just hadn’t fallen together yet. It’s like you’ve been learning and thinking on repeat. Then it morphs into knowing.

One of my best friend’s favorite musicians of all time is Alanis Morrisette. Yeah, we grew up in the 90s… “Thank You”…

The moment I let go of it was the moment
I got more than I could handle

I then asked him, ‘How do we let go?’

Suddenly being enveloped with all the things I’d like right now sounds pretty wonderful. So I wanted to know.

What are the old patterns of hanging on? What new thoughts can we replace them with? How do we suddenly get all the abundance we are looking for? How do we get the ball rolling? He said we hang on by coming up with schemes to get what we want, or we come up with ways to avoid pain. We scheme, we indulge, we avoid,  we ignore and allow the problem to grow, we become passive, we try to inflict the pain on something else. We over: eat, smoke, drink. shop. We yell and throw fits. We cry. We retreat. We hide.

There’s something freeing about exposing our current truths. That’s transitioning from Ego to Soul.

We dwell in the past and allow it to turn us into victims, instead of using the memories to become a creator.

The past of course is all we know and we begin to look for the patterns and rely on predictions. Letting go is trusting.

We have to be open and trust, or else we will miss what has shown up in our lives to take us on a better path.

We have always survived our past. To live, we need to use the past as contrast. Contrast as to what we want now. “That person was a lier to me”. We can then either repeat those words and feel hurt each time. Or we can begin to think, “So I’m only being with people who are going to be upfront, open, and honest with me.” Realizing they are not those same people who hurt us. He is not him. She is SHE, not her.

To let go, my friend quoted Gangaji, who speaks about control. We can’t control anything but our own thoughts and our own actions. Our physical world is a muse. The only thing we can do is support what we wish to happen, and not live in any expectation. I call this surrendering. Then my friend got to talking about having the freedom to live means embracing death.

Then the concept yin and yang clicked in a new way. To have anything, we must embrace it’s opposite, usually what we don’t want. To know life, we must look at death? and embrace its existence? Without death, we wouldn’t understand life’s full potential. Living in fear of something means we are living with that moment over and over. Why not just live through it IF it happens. Not living through it every time you feel fear of it. Our minds will believe something is happening even if it’s fictitious. Just think of how we have nightmares after watching a scary movie.

If we want love, then we must embrace the hate we have felt. If we want to be accepted, we must embrace the rejection we have felt. FEEL thanks to it all and start creating.

Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence

Appreciate all the opposites of what we want. Once we stop avoiding the negative emotions and allow ourselves to sit and really feel those emotions, allowing them to pass, is when the yin/yang balance and energy flows. To feel happy, we must feel out the sadness and allow tension to be released. Say thank you to the contrast. The only way things can change is to take risks, when we release the fears and the need to control. It can be as easy and simple as we want it to be.

Do you have any experiences with this? Any stories of where you let go and something happened?

Exposing my raw thoughts like this is a bit fearful and feels like risky within itself…whew


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