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My Birthday & a Winter’s Solstice Brew

This weekend went well. Saturday I had a gig rehearsal, where I was performing with a church’s Christmas program. It was relaxing to sit and enjoy the music. That’s the first time I’ve ever said a rehearsal was relaxing. Afterwards, I swept off to work while eating lunch in my car, consisting of a pouch of tuna, a peanut butter tortilla, and goldfish crackers. I then worked the rest of the day, then headed home to get ready to meet my friend, my mom, and some family friends at a local coffee shop for a concert. A one man band performed with a loop machine and a kalimba. It may sound odd, but it was actually really good! I also enjoyed supper (on the house thank you to my friend who works there!) and had fun chatting with all my friends. My friend also surprised me with a deep fryer for my birthday gift. While I had been wanting one to test out a new business plan…I think it will also make some mean french fries.

Sunday I woke up early to perform the Christmas cantata. I was pretty worn out from working all week and staying out late, but thankfully the program was simple. Afterwards, my mom, my grandmother, a fellow musician, and I had lunch with the choir and orchestra. My family and I then went home where we had some sweets and opened gifts.

My mom gave me the owl that had been hanging in her kitchen for several years. She took it down after remodeling her kitchen and decided to pass it on to me! I love owls.

Hartmann SuitcaseMy grandmother gave me a vintage Hartmann Suitcase. It’s lined in paisley fabric, and on the outside is leather, brass, and wool tweed. The initials on the lock are K.T. (close to mine!). I can’t wait to use it! I will certainly feel glamorous traveling.

My mom also gave me a set of pyrex bowls. I love the colors and think they’re so cool!

I got to also see my pets, which I haven’t been able to see for a while. It was also nice to be able to enjoy some daylight too. I’m not able to see daylight the whole few days of the week I work. You get used to it not seeing it quickly, but when you do see daylight it makes you really happy. It’s almost too stimulating! I then came home and finished making my Winter’s Solstice Brew. All you do is pick an alcohol of your choice. I chose Brandy, then added a sliced organic orange, a cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, 2 whole star anise, and a small bunch of cardamom pods and whole cloves. I let all that sit for two weeks in a closed container, shook it daily, and today I strained it to get all sediment out. It just needs another two weeks to mellow and it’s ready! This also makes a great gift, but you need a few weeks.

Even though I don’t have a ton of friends or much of close family, have had some things gone awry, and I didn’t get to do some things I had been wanting to enjoy, I have found it important to keep focusing on what is going right and to find the gift in that. It really is all you can do to move in flow with the universe. I think when you do so, better things come quicker. I also have to consider that really cool things can happen that aren’t anticipated, and surprises are always welcome. Thank You.


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