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Body Care Routine for Men & Women

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I have finally a body care routine that I feel works for once. I remember putting on copious amounts of lotion only to find that my skin felt the same or ever drier. I then turned to natural products, and began findings things that worked. Even then sometimes I was dumbfounded by what could work even better to relieve dry skin, itchiness, and would make my skin irresistible. Now I’ve found a way! Men, these rituals can be used by you also, so stay tuned.

I’m not going to brag a lot here, but my skin is pretty soft and rarely feels dry, except sometimes my hands. I used to always be itching after I shaved, but even that’s gone now too.  Your skin is your largest organ! It pays to take care of it because your skin is also taking care of the inside of your body for detoxification  The weight of your skin alone is 8 to 10 pounds and is your largest organ.

Some of the body products I make myself like scrubs, masks, and lotions. This book, Organic Body Care Recipes Book, has been a really great book. I love reading it! She tells you all about the skin and has all kinds of recipes. Her products are easy to make, and most of the ingredients can be found in your grocery or health store.

The first thing I do before showering is use to use a dry bristle brush. Earth Therapeudics Body Bristle Brush. I use this brush,  it’s only $6, and is toteable. You can brush yourself in 1 minute if you’re in a rush. This not only opens your pores by cleaning dead skin cells off, but it also stimulates your muscles, gets blood flowing, and tones your saggy skin. If that doesn’t convince you, then do it because you’ll have super soft skin. It feels great too.

Once I get in the shower, I use Nubian Heritage Soap. This is the best shower soap I’ve ever used. Not only does it have good ingredients, it will last you forever like months. Its consistency is like honey and a little goes a long way. Their soaps are really concentrated in smells too! They have scents for men and women and have bar soap and lotion to match.

Sometimes if I don’t get to use a dry brush, then I use The Body Shop Hemp Hand Mitt with soap.

If I had to stick with one product, it would be this one. Kiss My Face Shaving Cream. Again, it lasts forever because a little goes a really long way. I’ve never gotten itchy using this cream like I did with shaving foams/comparable creams, or even a cut. I’m sure it’s great for a man’s face too. I get it in mint.

For moisturizing I use either a body oil with a carrier oil as the base, such as Sweet Almond Oil or a light lotion, such as Mountain Ocean’s Skin Trip Lotion. I don’t dry off and use the oil in the shower. If you have dry skin, the body oil is the way to go. Using it also helps dry nails. I could use it everyday, but I use it at least once every few days. I make my own using carrier oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, and apricot, which are the most common. I also add it to my bath water and when I get out, the oil is still on my skin, ready to go! Which carrier oil used depends on what you’re using it for. For body oil, you want it to absorb kind of quickly so you don’t have to worry about it getting on your clothes. However, massage oil, you want it to stay outside the skin for longer so you can use it throughout the massage. Here is a good guide to carrier oils. I simply add essential oils that are safe to use on the skin. Consult a book (see book link at top) on essential oils to know which ones are safe. You want to make sure they are essential oils, not fragrances (like from craft stores or home stores). Here is an online guide to making bath & massage oils from Design Sponge.

When my hands need something more, I turn to these. The The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector works pretty well and dries quickly. When I really need something more on my hands, feet, or elbows, I go to this lady’s fair traded shea butter. She makes it locally in my city and it has worked wonders for people. It can be used on the hair and nails too, Hair Lock & Body Butter.

All in all, your skin has two sides. The outside and the inside. All these things mostly treat the outside (even though it all gets absorbed quickly into your body!). We need to treat its real health on the inside with foods and water. Foods That Keep Your Skin Healthy


5 thoughts on “Body Care Routine for Men & Women

  1. I use the Giovanni Tea Tree and I love it, it really makes your scalp tingle, I have thicker, curlier hair and it doesn’t weigh it down. It’s worth a try and it’s not expensive and on sale a lot, I typically can buy it for about $5 per bottle.

  2. This is great – I am in the market for some natural body care products! Do you have any favored natural shampoos? I tried Burt’s Bees but it made my hair ultra oily :-/ (It also isn’t vegan, but I don’t expect you to suggest vegan products! If you know of a good company or product I could search for a similar, vegan product!)

    1. Thanks! There are two natural brands that I’ve used that I thought worked well. I know everyone’s hair is different, but these didn’t leave my hair oily or funky. It can take a couple of weeks for your hair to adapt to any new shampoo. I’ve used the Avalon Organics (the Rosemary worked best for me) and Shikai (Henna Gold worked the best too). I’ve only tried the Shikai conditioner and I didn’t like it at all. It made my hair frizzy. The best conditioner I’ve used so far is the Giovanni Tea Tree. The coop has them and I think whole foods too.

      1. Yeah, I gave the Burt’s Bees stuff a few months with the hopes my hair would eventually take to it, but no go. I’ll def have to give these a try. I know all hair is different (I’m pretty sure mine is significantly thinner than yours, as it’s thinner than most people’s) but as I have no idea what else to try, I appreciate the recommendation!

      2. I think all the shampoo I’ve ever tried from Burts Bees was the rosemary bar, and that was when Burt’s first came out! Our hair is probably about the same. Mine is pretty fine too!

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