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Contribute to Monarchs & Get Rewards


This summer I’ll be blogging about the Monarch Waystation/Butterfly Garden/Rain Garden that’s going to be built in my front yard. It’s going to be certified with the too! We’ll be giving you some information about all the wildlife the garden will be attracting and some great information on creating your own.

Visit our page on the Indiegogo site to watch a video and learn more!

If you help with our crowdfunding campaign, you’ll also get some awesome rewards! as a big thank you.

Just providing $5 will help us purchase some seed packets or a monarch loving plant, and it’ll also get your name on this website (and a bonus of your website posted too!). Everyone who donates will get this perk.

$15 will get you a nice digital print that I take from the garden this summer. I promise it’ll be a really nice professional photo. We’ll be able to purchase 2 beautiful plants!

$30 and you’ll get either a necklace or earrings that’ll have a pressed flower in them. It’ll be wrapped up in a nice giftbox with a note about the flower inside the jewelry. We then get to purchase 4 plants, which will be used in the making of your jewelry!

$50 we’ll create a unique handmade, really nice, durable canvas tote bag big enough for groceries or garden tools. You get to pick your own color or get a surprise patterned print! We’ll also be stenciling a design onto it, monarch themed. With this we’ll be able to purchase 8 plants!

$100 you get two choices! Either a kit to jumpstart your own Monarch Waystation, or some unique framed art we create from the garden. We then get to put 10 plants in the yard to attract monarchs! This will cover ten square feet of the garden. Even a patch this size is a beacon to the Monarchs to say ‘come here!’

$200 is exceptional,and you’ll get all the perks!

Monarch Waystation


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