Argyle T-Shirt Fleece Blanket: Sewing Pattern

Don’t know what to do with all those organization, sports, or music tshirts you no longer wear but don’t want to give them up? Why not turn them into a blanket! This argyle patterned blanket only requires a few materials and can be done in an afternoon. The finished size of the blanket is 59″ wide by 76″ long. You may purchase the 7-page PDF instant download pattern through my Etsy shop, ButterflyBlues, for $4.99.

Sewing Pattern Argyle TShirt Fleece Blanket



2 thoughts on “Argyle T-Shirt Fleece Blanket: Sewing Pattern

  1. Hi Katrina
    How often do you update your donation towards a new computer total? I donated $10 to you a week ago but your total has not changed. I hope you are closer to the amount you need.

    1. Diane, thank you soooo much for your donation, I am so thankful! I updated the total yesterday. PayPal takes a %, so this is why the number is not a whole number.

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