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7 Sources to Help You Declutter

When it comes to dealing with clutter, whether it’s physical things, emotions, or tasks, we all have different methods that are going to work for us to take care of it. There are a million ways of advice and only some of them may work for us. It is really our ultimate decision on whether we keep or purge something. Here are seven sources that will help you get started or may offer difference advice that may make it finally ‘click’ for you.

1. BeMoreWithLess.com

A great blog on living minimally. This is my favorite one that I follow and she has great tips on dealing with emotions related to your clutter.

She also has an ebook that is inexpensive: Simple Ways to Be More With Less


2. TheMinimalists.com

Two guys that will be honest in what’s holding you back in life whether it’s your stuff or your addiction to stuff. They also have great ideas and encourage you to pursue what you really want in life.

They have several books including this one: Minimalism- Live a Meaningful Life

minimalism book

3. ZenHabits.net

Leo writes a lot about your daily habits and overcoming things you’re addicted to, which is also clutter.

He also has a few books that you can check out as well: Zen Habits- Handbook for Life


4. Houzz.com

This site inspires me to find out what styles I like in decorating. It helps me focus on what I imagine my home to look like, but in a practical way! There are also “Stories” that offer advice on decluttering.

5. Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Many people have said they find inspiration from this book because it takes a different approach to decluttering. It may inspire you to look at decluttering in a different way by focusing on what you want to keep. “Does it spark joy?” There are many useful organizing tips and methods too.

Marie Kondo

6. BecomingMinimalist.com

I like Joshua’s blog because he connects with the reader and reminds us of how our thought processes effect our daily life.

He too, has a few books to help you declutter, as well as one: Clutterfree With Kids- Change Your Thinking, Discover New Habits, Free Your Home


7. Your Camera

Go around and take photos of your home, inside and out. Then look at them on your computer. What if your home was featured on a website! While we know we cannot keep our homes like they look in home magazines, but what are those photos telling you?



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