Argyle T-Shirt Fleece Blanket: Sewing Pattern

Don’t know what to do with all those organization, sports, or music tshirts you no longer wear but don’t want to give them up? Why not turn them into a blanket! This argyle patterned blanket only requires a few materials and can be done in an afternoon. The finished size of the blanket is 59″…… Continue reading Argyle T-Shirt Fleece Blanket: Sewing Pattern

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Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I went out for a gathering with his work. His boss brought an awesome peanut butter pie that was toted in an awesome pie carrier. I decided to make one myself after seeing hers since it’s such a nifty tote to have! It can can be hard…… Continue reading Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote

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DIY Valentine Catnip Mice

Show some love to your feline friends this Valentines with these DIY catnip mice. The ones I made are in my Etsy shop for an instant gift. To make the mice you will need colored felt sheets embroidery floss 1/4 C (2oz) catnip mint per mouse sewing needle sharp scissors Cut your felt sheets into…… Continue reading DIY Valentine Catnip Mice

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DIY Tutorial: Covering a Lamp Shade with Fabric

*Update: I would use hot glue when possible, for the trim and for the fabric seam. I guess the heat from the bulb might have melted the glue and made the trim begin to fall off. I fixed it with hot glue and it’s fine now. Also, make sure you get your fabric tight! This…… Continue reading DIY Tutorial: Covering a Lamp Shade with Fabric

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Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town. Dog park, visiting friends, and agility training classes left the back of my car a hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I also wanted my dog to be comfortable on the ride and to be safer. I then began searching…… Continue reading Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

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The Quilt Is Done! “Color Harmony”

> The quilt is finally done! I started it in late July and it is now done in mid November, with a total of 44 hours. The break down below… Quilt Time 2 hours picking out fabric 2 hr washing 1 hr ironing 6 hours cutting out squares 1 hr chain stitching white squares 1…… Continue reading The Quilt Is Done! “Color Harmony”