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Storing Lettuce & Leafy Greens

Nothing is more disheartening than opening the fridge and finding slimy wilted lettuce. This has happened to me often, especially when I purchase ‘manager’s special’ lettuce. At my grocery you can find heads of lettuce and plenty of packaged lettuces in bags or plastic boxes. I’m finding that heads of lettuces last longer. I do…… Continue reading Storing Lettuce & Leafy Greens

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Peach Bourbon Jam & Water Bath Canning

  Last week I learned how to jam. My county’s extension office held a class on how to make jams, jellies, and preserves. The class gave me confidence that I could make my own jam at home and I didn’t even need a pressure cooker. All of these can be made with a technique called…… Continue reading Peach Bourbon Jam & Water Bath Canning

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Making Dandelion Wine

It has been a fast paced spring so far and I’ve barely been able to keep up. Between working, searching for full time employment, home projects, lots of volunteer work, friends/family, and getting my garden going, there’s been lots of ideas for posts, but little time for¬†fruition. However, there’s some fruition going on in my…… Continue reading Making Dandelion Wine

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Peeled Perfectly

Perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs are great. If they’re overcooked they can turn rubbery with dry and yuck grey yolks (ferrous sulfide). So keep reading and no longer feel stumped about getting perfect boiled eggs. One of my favorite books is The Science of Good Food. If you liked Alton Brown’s show, then you might…… Continue reading Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Peeled Perfectly

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Dark Chocolate Taste Testing

This week I went to an event held by the University of Kentucky Department of Sociology about chocolate. I’ve been to a lot of lectures, but this one was pretty awesome because there was also a chocolate tasting. ¬†The event was called Beyond Fair Trade: The Story of the Kallari Chocolate Cooperative. Judy Logbeck was…… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Taste Testing

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Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner

Over the past few months I’ve become more involved with the Slow Foods group at University of Kentucky. This summer they’re organizing biweekly dinners with a twist. The person hosting the dinner volunteers half a day at one of UK’s research farms, where food for the UK’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is grown (check out…… Continue reading Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner