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Simple Vegetable Soup in 20 minutes

One dish my grandma fixes every so often is vegetable soup. It’s so plain and simple that it hits the spot. Usually mine ends up too hearty with an abundance of large vegetables, pasta, beans, and doesn’t resemble soup, but a watery vegetable mix. My grandma reminded me of how I like my soup, with lots of…… Continue reading Simple Vegetable Soup in 20 minutes

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Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner

Over the past few months I’ve become more involved with the Slow Foods group at University of Kentucky. This summer they’re organizing biweekly dinners with a twist. The person hosting the dinner volunteers half a day at one of UK’s research farms, where food for the UK’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is grown (check out…… Continue reading Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner

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Butternut Squash Soup & Pumpkin Pie

I followed this recipe from My Kitchen Addiction. I didn’t take the time to puree the soup in a blender though, cause that gets messy, so I just simmered it until I thought everything was soft enough to mash. This soup is full of beta carotene! The butternut squash soup simmering away Meanwhile, we separated the butternut…… Continue reading Butternut Squash Soup & Pumpkin Pie