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A Kitchen Update Part 2

Learn how we removed the vinyl flooring in Kitchen Update Part 1 Part 2 of this kitchen update was to paint the concrete floor. In the adjacent dining room I had already removed the carpet and painted the concrete over 3 years ago. I planned to continue the same process in the kitchen! Prepping the Floor…… Continue reading A Kitchen Update Part 2

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A Kitchen Update Part 1

Over a year ago I had an idea to make an industrial pipe table, sorta like the one below I saw from Anythingology. I thought it would help in the kitchen to have more workspace and storage. But as much as people say making one saved them a lot of money cause it’s so DIY, it’s…… Continue reading A Kitchen Update Part 1

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Cheering A Home on Dreary Days

Rain, clouds, cooler temperatures, daylight savings, and shorter days means it’s fall time and winter is approaching. I don’t know about you, but dreary days bum me out. Here are a few tips to bring back some cheer even if it’s not so cheerful outside. Let There Be Light! Sunny days are awesome and since we…… Continue reading Cheering A Home on Dreary Days

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DIY Outdoor Oil Lamp Lanterns

  Last summer eating outside on the gazebo proved to be quite dark sometimes. We tried to illuminate with candles, but they didn’t spread enough light and we just ended up being blinded by glare of the candle. Before lots of gazebo sitting began to happen this spring, we found some nifty oil lamps to…… Continue reading DIY Outdoor Oil Lamp Lanterns

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Building a Butterfly Rain Garden

The goal for this summer is for the butterfly rain garden to be completed (for the most part!) Gardening is a never ending task of course, but building a garden is a lot of work and even for the most frugal, not the cheapest of projects. A lot of work has been put into this garden…… Continue reading Building a Butterfly Rain Garden

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Contribute to Monarchs & Get Rewards

This summer I’ll be blogging about the Monarch Waystation/Butterfly Garden/Rain Garden that’s going to be built in my front yard. It’s going to be certified with the too! We’ll be giving you some information about all the wildlife the garden will be attracting and some great information on creating your own. Visit our page…… Continue reading Contribute to Monarchs & Get Rewards