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Arrival on Monarch Waystation Sign!

We finally received our Monarch Waystation sign along with a few others. It is now being displayed in the front yard. We really hope this will explain to people why this garden is here. Actually as I was putting the sign up, a lady asked if I was doing experiments because of the plant labels I…… Continue reading Arrival on Monarch Waystation Sign!

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Controversy on Front Yard Gardens

For the past few months I have been harassed and stalked by some neighbors who seem very upset. They’re upset that we have a cultivated garden in the front yard. Back in March I got a letter in the mail from the government saying there was violation of code because there was tree brush in the yard. Granted during the harsh…… Continue reading Controversy on Front Yard Gardens


Starting Milkweeds from Seed

Several months ago I ordered milkweed seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery. I started them from seed because I anticipated not being able to find milkweeds at nurseries because of it selling out. It is the year of the pollinator and many people are making Monarch Waystations. I also wanted to have ones that were pesticide-free.…… Continue reading Starting Milkweeds from Seed

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DIY Outdoor Oil Lamp Lanterns

  Last summer eating outside on the gazebo proved to be quite dark sometimes. We tried to illuminate with candles, but they didn’t spread enough light and we just ended up being blinded by glare of the candle. Before lots of gazebo sitting began to happen this spring, we found some nifty oil lamps to…… Continue reading DIY Outdoor Oil Lamp Lanterns