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Calculate Roof Surface Area & Rain Runoff for A Rain Garden

This weekend we finished building our rain gardens! We began the design work and research for this project last August. While researching on how to create rain gardens, a lot of information we found online was very basic. We realized there would be some trial and error during this process because our site has a…… Continue reading Calculate Roof Surface Area & Rain Runoff for A Rain Garden

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Spring in Kentucky

The weather has really changed in Kentucky in the past 3 weeks. (Even though overnight we got another snow shower and it’s 40 degrees outside)! Just this past weekend it reached 80 degrees. On some of the warm days after a rain shower, plants would change within a few hours. Here are a few things…… Continue reading Spring in Kentucky

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Building a Butterfly Rain Garden

The goal for this summer is for the butterfly rain garden to be completed (for the most part!) Gardening is a never ending task of course, but building a garden is a lot of work and even for the most frugal, not the cheapest of projects. A lot of work has been put into this garden…… Continue reading Building a Butterfly Rain Garden

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Contribute to Monarchs & Get Rewards

This summer I’ll be blogging about the Monarch Waystation/Butterfly Garden/Rain Garden that’s going to be built in my front yard. It’s going to be certified with the too! We’ll be giving you some information about all the wildlife the garden will be attracting and some great information on creating your own. Visit our page…… Continue reading Contribute to Monarchs & Get Rewards

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Books on Gardening, the Landscape, & Landscape Architecture

When I first got into gardening and then into landscape architecture, I searched the web for books to begin reading that would help prepare me once I got into school. I found it difficult to find those staples of literature that would help me be ahead of the game. Lately I’ve been wanting to find…… Continue reading Books on Gardening, the Landscape, & Landscape Architecture