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The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY

I found The Minimalists around January of 2012 when I wanted to go through a major purge of things around my home, and also some stuff on the inside. It seemed a lot of the stuff on the outside, clutter, chaos, was correlating with a mess of things going on on the inside from just…… Continue reading The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY

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Spring in Kentucky

The weather has really changed in Kentucky in the past 3 weeks. (Even though overnight we got another snow shower and it’s 40 degrees outside)! Just this past weekend it reached 80 degrees. On some of the warm days after a rain shower, plants would change within a few hours. Here are a few things…… Continue reading Spring in Kentucky

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Peach Bourbon Jam & Water Bath Canning

  Last week I learned how to jam. My county’s extension office held a class on how to make jams, jellies, and preserves. The class gave me confidence that I could make my own jam at home and I didn’t even need a pressure cooker. All of these can be made with a technique called…… Continue reading Peach Bourbon Jam & Water Bath Canning

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Wonder: Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard

Paintings by Harlan Hubbard. He even made the frames. Anna and Harlan were those genuine people who did not preach their beliefs but lived them. Their romantic story may not seem so idyllic to some, but what they lived is near a fairy tale. Their story may become one of those fairy tales not so…… Continue reading Wonder: Lives of Anna & Harlan Hubbard