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Sacred Harp Singing at Mt. Zion

On this warm December day, a most congenial group of people met at the beautiful Mt. Zion Church in Mercer County, Kentucky. This group, the Appalachian Association of Sacred Harp Singers, typically meets once a month in Lexington to sing in an antiqued style of religious singing. Shape note singing was brought from Great Britain…… Continue reading Sacred Harp Singing at Mt. Zion

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Forecastle Festival was Bananas in Louisville, KY

My day began early as a Easy Morning Rebel in Lexington, KY as I got ready and headed towards Louisville for the 10th anniversary of the Forecastle Festival. I prayed to the spirits that the day would be awesome, especially since I was going by myself. This was going to be my One Big Holiday.…… Continue reading Forecastle Festival was Bananas in Louisville, KY

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Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner

Over the past few months I’ve become more involved with the Slow Foods group at University of Kentucky. This summer they’re organizing biweekly dinners with a twist. The person hosting the dinner volunteers half a day at one of UK’s research farms, where food for the UK’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is grown (check out…… Continue reading Summer Party: Slow Foods Dinner

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Appalachia Music & New Albums

I’m super excited about this post. It is about one of my favortist subjects; Appalachian music. The music that was created from those who came from Ireland and England to the hills of Kentucky. I’m not sure exactly where my initial interest in folk music came from, but I remember going to the Appalachian/Bluegrass concerts…… Continue reading Appalachia Music & New Albums

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Bleugrass Chevre: A Goat Cheese Farm Tour

This weekend the University of Kentucky Slow Foods group visited a local goat cheese farm, Bleugrass Chevre. Susan Miller, runs her farm just 20 miles outside Lexington in Clark County. We were greeted by all the baby goats when we arrived. We then met Susan and she took us to her kitchen and told us how…… Continue reading Bleugrass Chevre: A Goat Cheese Farm Tour


Hound Dog Press: Louisville KY

On February 9th, 2012, the Hound Dog Press from Louisville, KY came to Lexington to talk about their letterpress business and to show their work, which is currently on exhibit in the Rasdall Gallery at the University of Kentucky until March 1st. The lecture was presented by the Student Activities Board on campus. After the lecture, there…… Continue reading Hound Dog Press: Louisville KY