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Giveaway! Farthest Field Album

A couple of weeks ago I headed to my favorite local music store for Record Store Day. I always block off my schedule because I love all the extra things the record store does on this special day. Lots of bands put out special promotional items and the stores have special things like bands, food…… Continue reading Giveaway! Farthest Field Album

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Making Dandelion Wine

It has been a fast paced spring so far and I’ve barely been able to keep up. Between working, searching for full time employment, home projects, lots of volunteer work, friends/family, and getting my garden going, there’s been lots of ideas for posts, but little time for fruition. However, there’s some fruition going on in my…… Continue reading Making Dandelion Wine


IdeaFestival University Class “Humans, Design, + Nature”

You may have seen me post this class before. Due to some short notices, IdeaFestival University and I decided to change the date to MAY 23rd! This is a little less than a month from now! I am going to be hosting a class with IF called “Humans, Design + Nature”. The class is going…… Continue reading IdeaFestival University Class “Humans, Design, + Nature”

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A Feast of Ice & Fire: Game of Thrones Dinner

A few weeks ago my friend came to me and asked if I would cater a dinner party feast for this tv show’s premiere  Game of Thrones. Even though I don’t watch any tv or know anything about shows on these days, I thought it was pretty cool that a tv show had its own cookbook,…… Continue reading A Feast of Ice & Fire: Game of Thrones Dinner

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Book Review: Just Kids by Patti Smith

If you enjoy knowing about pop culture or just like to read memoirs or autobiographies, then Patti Smith’s book about her life growing into an icon will be a good read. Just Kids 2010 Patti Smith is a true product of her time; growing up on the East Coast and moving to New York City in her early…… Continue reading Book Review: Just Kids by Patti Smith

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Body Care Routine for Men & Women

(click on image for easier access to product links) MOUNTAIN OCEAN’S SKIN TRIP LOTION {}Organic Body Care Recipes Book{}Earth Therapeudics Body Bristle Brush{}THE BODY SHOP HEMP HAND MIT{}HAIR LOCK & BODY BUTTER{}KISS MY FACE SHAVING CREAM{}Nubian Heritage Soap{}FOODS THAT KEEP YOUR SKIN HEALTHY{}The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector{}SWEET ALMOND OIL I have finally a body care…… Continue reading Body Care Routine for Men & Women