Storing Lettuce & Leafy Greens


Nothing is more disheartening than opening the fridge and finding slimy wilted lettuce. This has happened to me often, especially when I purchase ‘manager’s special’ lettuce. At my grocery you can find heads of lettuce and plenty of packaged lettuces in bags or plastic boxes. I’m finding that heads of lettuces last longer. I do enjoy the ‘spring mix’ packaged salad too. However, packaged salad is pretty expensive compared to whole heads.

So how do we keep it all fresh?

By what I’ve come across in my own kitchen, I think I’ve found a good method, and it’s happened kinda by accident!

1. The first thing is to buy the fresh lettuce. The manager’s specials don’t seem worth it to me unless you’re going to eat it all right then.

At the Goodwill one day I bought a salad spinner. I almost passed it up, cause everyone I know has made fun of the salad spinner! Really? A huge thing to store that just dries your salad? I got it anyway. It was a nice one, and I could at least use it to store all the lettuce I was going to grow in my garden.

However I’ve found it to be the key! And I think it’s all due to moisture.

When I buy my lettuce, I chop the bottom off, and wash it in the salad spinner. Then I allow it to drain for a couple minutes. Then I spin it…drain…spin again…and drain off.

I then add a paper towel, add the lid, and that’s how I store it in the fridge. I sometimes leave it as whole pieces of lettuce or I go ahead and chop it up for salad. It does last longer when you leave it as larger leaves.

The colander in the salad spinner allows the moisture to go to the bottom and not touch the lettuce. The paper towel also absorbs any moisture the lettuce lets off. I think the large container also allows the lettuce to breathe, preventing it from getting slimy.

Anything I purchase in a bag or box is done the same way. Prepping it like this also helps because I know it’s ready to be eaten, and it’s not going to be soggy from washing it right before I’m going to eat it. Anything to help me eat healthier and be a step closer to eating cause I can be lazy sometimes when it comes to doing anything in the kitchen.

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