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A Spring Metamorphoses

I think most of us kind of resist change. Even if we want change, we know that it takes work or entails something irksome like a rumbling stomach. People seem to get upset or just complain at the slightest changes, like the weather. But we should know that it is only temporary. Feelings are temporary,…… Continue reading A Spring Metamorphoses


Yin/Yang: Feminine & Masculine Energy

For the past several months I have been studying energy. There is energy within everything, since everything vibrates and everything is made of atoms. The Chinese have described energy as being masculine or feminine. We also see other cultures labeling things as masculine or feminine through language (like La=feminine in Spanish El=masculine). This energy even…… Continue reading Yin/Yang: Feminine & Masculine Energy

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The Art of Wabi Sabi: Book Review “Wabi Sabi Love”

Imagine a crack in a vase. Imagine how you would feel if there all of a sudden was a big crack in your favorite vase. Now imagine instead of feeling anger about the crack, just fill that gap with pure gold.┬áThis is the teaching of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi has it’s roots in Japanese Zen…… Continue reading The Art of Wabi Sabi: Book Review “Wabi Sabi Love”